Siew Gratton Fine Art Artist Illustrator Acrylic Painter & Digital Art - Art Spirituality
Siew Gratton

Femininity, Sensuality & Spirituality...

These elements are pretty much the main sources of my inspiration for my artworks. I love the artworks that give a sense of elegance, and I particularly enjoy working on details as reflected in most of my artworks.

I'm a freelance illustrator based in London, UK. I make digital artworks and acrylic paintings; my works include book illustration, character design, editorial, portrait, custom artwork for business and personal projects.

 For many years, I worked as a full-time fashion / beauty make-up artist and hairstylist before becoming an illustrator. Prior to all that, I started my early career in fashion industry. 


I still work freelance as a make-up artist and hairstylist on private events.